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That’s what we call the millions of fake prescription pills that have flooded the market since about 2014. See, drug dealers are businesspeople, and they follow the money. As long as there is a demand for Xanax, Oxycodone, Percocet and the like, they will find the easiest, most profitable way to supply them.


Since about 2014, Drug Trafficking Organizations (DTOs) have been pressing fake pills using fentanyl as the active ingredient. Why? Because it is cheap and strong, so a little goes a long, long way.  Fentapills cost almost nothing to make, so every dollar these dealers take from you goes right in their pockets.  Nearly 100% profit.  

Of course, pill pressers are not pharmacists, and they don’t have quality control labs. They make their batches in the garage. That means that some percentage of the fentapills they sell are loaded with a deadly dose of fentanyl. What percentage? Hard to say, but authorities estimate that there could be around 300-500 million fentapills in circulation at any given time. A small fraction of that number is enough to kill thousands of people. 


Here is the bottom line: You have to assume that any “prescription” pill you buy outside of normal channels is fake, and very possibly deadly.

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